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Release time:2020-01-07

Australian Science Communicators

The Australian Science Communicators is the peak body for science communicators and science journalists in Australia. Established in 1994, the Australian Science Communicators has grown to a national network of more than 1650 subscribers and 450 financial members working in science and technology communication, including science journalists and writers, public information officers for academic and research organisations, scientists, museum professionals, science educators, science film-makers, and many other diverse professions united by the common theme of making science accessible. We are a not-for-profit organisation.
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  • Papua New Guninea Science and Technology Secretariat

    The PNG Science and Technology Secretariat is the national body for directing the reform and establishment of key policies and national platforms for science and technology development, research, and commercialization activities. The organization was established in 2013 to strengthen and coordinate the linkage between Academia, Local Industry, and government bodies to foster the development of advanced technical human resources for sustainable economic growth through advanced science, assist the creation of new industry sectors through cross-border technology transfer activities, and build a national culture of endorsing science-oriented economic growth through local and international joint research projects.
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