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Release time:2020-01-07

National Union of Algerian Scientists and Technologists (UNSTA)

In 1971 the Union of Algerian Engineers (UIA) was created in Algiers. It brought together engineers of all specialties on a voluntary basis. In 1985, engineers, architects, physicists, and chemists organized themselves into the National Union of Algerian Scientists and Technologists (UNSTA).

UNSTA meets in congress every five years to elect a national council and an executive secretariat as well as a secretary general for the duration of the five-year term. At the local level, UNSTA has sections in all 48 departments. UNSTA's role is to participate in the promotion of science and technology in Algeria through the organization of conferences, seminars and symposia in different fields. UNSTA is also a framework for reflection and proposals for improving the training and working conditions of scientists and technologists.

At the international level, UNSTA is a member of WFEO and FIA. UNSTA is also developing bilateral relations with similar organizations.

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  • Institution of Engineers Rwanda (IER)

    The Institution of Engineers Rwanda (IER) was established as a Professional Regulatory Body by Law no. 26/2012 of 29th June 2012. In the context of its mandate, the Institution has the following responsibilities;

    • To regulate and to guide the activities of all those practicing Engineering Profession in the Country to ensure that engineering services delivered conform to and are in compliance with established engineering standards of service delivery and best practices.

    • To raise awareness of the engineering profession in the Country to ensure that its importance and value in the Country’s socio-economic development process is well understood and appreciated at all levels of society (Community, Educational and Training Institution, Workplaces and Civil Society Organizations).

    • To enhance technical capacities and professional competencies of its members to enable them to become more competent and competitive in the National, Regional and International engineering job markets.

    Currently the Institution of Engineers Rwanda has about 1200 registered Professional Practicing Engineers. The Institution is a member of Eastern African Federation of Engineering Organizations, Federation of Africa Engineering Organizations and World Federation of Engineering Organizations. IER is an Economy Member of FEIAP and has a standing Memorandum of Understanding with China Association of Science and Technology (CAST).

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  • Science Discovery Tanzania

    Science Discovery Tanzania is a Non-governmental, non-profit making Organization founded by Wilson S. Kamunya (DrAtom) in 2013 as a Science Centre. Its registration was completed in 2018 as the first Organization to promote Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) in Tanzania. The head office of Science Discovery Tanzaniai located in Mwanza City, Tanzani.
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