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Conference and Activities
Release time:2020-01-07

A series of conference activities have been carried out in response to the annual theme of World Conference on Science Literacy.
The conference and activities that have been successfully held are both featured with rich format and vivid content. The existing format includes but not limited to keynote reports, summit, summit dialogue, thematic session, roundtable meeting, and field visit.
The theme of the 2018 World Conference on Science Literacy was “Science Literacy for a Shared and Better Future”. The conference showcased high-quality keynote speeches, summit on science popularization, high-end dialogue, thematic forums and field visit that closely related to the theme.
Topics relating to the theme “Science Literacy for Sustainable Development” were discussed by attendees at the 2019 World Conference on Science Literacy through keynote speeches, plenary forums, roundtable meetings, and thematic seminars.